COME/IN/DOC by Arnau Gifreu-Castells

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    NET ART, Collaborative Meta Interactive Documentary

Artist Statement:

    COME/IN/DOC / Collaborative Meta Interactive Documentary / is a transmedia meta-documentary that reflects on the interactive documentary. It consists of 3 interconnected parts: a documentary series, a multimedia platform and exhibitions. This is the result of four years of intensive research (2012-2016) conducting interviews with experts in the field of interactive documentary with the aim of answering a basic question: what is an interactive documentary? The idea is to reflect about this emerging field using different platforms. The project could be described as a “meta-interactive-doc”, an experimental interactive documentary that reflects himself on the new genre.

    COME/IN/DOC is a collaborative project because many people selflessly worked on it in one way or another. But especially thanks to the experts in interactive documentary who made the project a collaborative work in the broadest sense. COME/IN/DOC is a meta-documentary that attempts to explain a kind of documentary based on that actual genre. COME/IN/DOC is interactive because its platforms and interfaces, social networks and training make it possible for people who are interested to participate, contribute and even generate content. COME/IN/DOC is a documentary created through theoretical and applied research and has become a unique and valuable tool for training and teaching.

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