Daniel Jolliffe: Nearest Costco, Monument or Satellite

  • ©2014 – 2015, Daniel Jolliffe, Nearest Costco, Monument or Satellite


    Nearest Costco, Monument or Satellite




Creation Year:

    2014 – 2015


    Electronic Sculpture

Artist Statement:

    Nearest Costco, Monument or Satellite is a networked sculpture that accurately points to the nearest Costco, monument or orbiting GPS satellite(s). As an artwork it explores how we form our sense of of place in the contemporary environment. It merges together ideas from sculpture, locative technologies and the subjective human sensation of where we are. The work is arranged as an array of networked electronic pointing sculptures in fl ight cases, with each sculpture containing the electronics required to control a pointing arrow held above the case by a telescoping mast. In practice, a central control unit directs the sculptures to locate the familiar (Costco or a local monument) and the unfamiliar (the locations of orbiting GPS satellites). This performance of technologically-assisted direction fi nding, produces a swaying field of arrows that point to locations in choreographed poetic movement, and is governed by materiality more than information.


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