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    San Jose Voices

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Artist Statement:

    Beginning March 1st 2006, the web site will provide participants with information on the San Jose Voices project, along with a San Jose phone number to call in order to participate. This number will be programmed to only accept calls from San Jose’s 408 area code, making it a readymade reflection of the San Jose community. Anonymous callers will be able to leave one-minute messages on any subject, which are then converted into MP3 files. These voices are then brought to the public soundscape in two ways. First, calls are archived and made available anonymously on the sanjosevoices.net site, individually or as downloadable podcasts. The site acts as both distributor of information about the work and as a listening post for those on the Internet to experience the diverse voices of San Jose. Second, during the ISEA2006 symposium, calls will be broadcast anonymously in public space through a large sculptural speaker installed in an appropriate public location such as the Plaza Caesar Chavez. These voices are amplified by a solar-powered, horn-like fiberglass sculpture to a volume level sufficient to dominate the immediate soundscape.