“Déja Vu” by Tapio Takala

  • ©, , Déja Vu
  • ©, , Déja Vu
  • First renderings of the 3D computer graphics animation short film _Déjà vu_


    Déja Vu

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Artist Statement:

    The video “Déja Vu” was produced at the Helsinki University of Technology in 1993-94 as a student project of a postgraduate computer graphics seminar discussing various animation techniques. The camera trajectories, as well as the motion of the objects (except the bats) are based on keyframe or procedural animation. A behavioral model, similar to that presented by Reynolds at Siggraph ’87, was used to create the flock movements: an invisible leader boid is followed by visible ones whose flight paths are generated from simple, predefined rules.


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