“Moksha (Language is a Virus)” by Ghislaine Gohard

  • ©, , Moksha (Language is a Virus)
  • ©, , Moksha (Language is a Virus)
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    Moksha (Language is a Virus)

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Artist Statement:

    A plunge into the infinity of an electronic feed-back simulating the influence of ‘moksha-remedy’, a psychedelic substance proposed by Aldous Huxley for the non-verbal education of adolescents. Question: Can images be a remedy to the language virus denounced by the writer William S.Burroughs?

    Note: The images of this video were created for the choreographic performance of “La porte Jaune ou le corps revelateur” by the French company Spid’eka, and projected onto the bodies of the dancers during the performance.


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