Diana Domingues: TRANS-E: My Body, My Blood

  • ©, Diana Maria Gallicchio Domingues, TRANS-E: My Body, My Blood
  • ©, Diana Maria Gallicchio Domingues, TRANS-E: My Body, My Blood
  • Photo from digitalartarchive.at


    TRANS-E: My Body, My Blood

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Artist Statement:

    People say that in primitive societies wall paintings were works by shamans, whose altered states of consciousness would confer them powers to communicate with the beyond and to intervene in the real world because they would dialogue with spirits. In this installation I simulate an electronic ritual, where “virtual hallucinations” provide us with shamanic powers through digital technologies. The body connected with interfaces in a sensorized environment experience an immersive environment where entire body dialogues with computer electronic memories determining the life of the environment. Three different and simultaneous situations are generated by the action of bodies in real-time. The images change, a red liquid moves within a bowl as an offering to life and the sound of the heartbeats alters. In the back of the room, a big rounded lighted wall shows metamorphoses from North Brazil’s Inga Stone’s pre-historical inscriptions. Simulating three different levels of the shamanic TRANS-E digital images, synthetic images in anamorphic, colored, bright, scintillating mutations are managed by neural networks. The sets of images are resultant of the visitors’ behaviors captured by the sensitivity of the sensors and transmitted to the machines. Neural networks inspired in our biological neurological system learn some patterns of behavior and manipulate this data, provoking “visions” in the room in an enigmatic experience of TRANS-E. As an artist, in my recent work, I am offering interactive installations for people to experience consciousness propagation in an organic/inorganic life. Electronic interfaces and neural networks provide intelligent behaviors, managing signals of the human body in sensorized environments. Technologies embody now traces of biological systems, translate them into computerized paradigms, offering emotional experiences and expanding our consciousness. My intention is to check organic laws and proclaim machines’ powers of controlling and expanding natural life in this post-biological era.



    Images/multimedia production: Tatiane Tschoepke Carine Soares Turelly Lilian Maschio Rafael Perottoni.

    Technical Staff Laboratory of Research: Novas Tecnologias nas Artes Visuals Universidade de Caxias do Sul Softwares and Neural Networks Robson Rodrigues Lemos Ana Paula Lüdtke Ferreira Andre Adami Bruna Paula Nervis Evandro Libardi. Gettilio Martins Lupion Mateus Mugnol


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