Dina Kelberman: I’m Google

  • ©2011 - ongoing, Dina Kelberman, I'm Google


    I'm Google

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Creation Year:

    2011 - ongoing


    Images and videos sourced from Google Images and YouTube

Artist Statement:

    I’m Google is born at the conflux of the information overflow on the Net and the artist’s stream of consciousness.

    The images and videos sourced from Google Images and YouTube are assembled by Dina Kelberman and linked according to formal or thematic links. The content is presented in a grid on the work’s Tumblr page, where one can scroll through the constantly evolving series, or click on one of the elements to go back to its source and begin one’s own drift towards unexplored possibilities. Through its creative process and interactivity, I’m Google doubly mirrors the experience of navigating the twists and turns of the web.

    Although they appear to be automated by an algorithm, Kelberman’s research and organization processes are done manually, giving the project’s title its full meaning. The artist reclaims the search engine’s methods to better divert towards a form of reverie.


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