Philippe De Jonckheere: Désordre

  • ©2001 - ongoing, Philippe De Jonckheere, Désordre



Artist(s) and People Involved:


Creation Year:

    2001 - ongoing


    Digital artwork

Artist Statement:

    Désordre is a vast memorial space, where everything is jumbled up like a bazaar. The project, originally intended as a site presenting the photographic work of Philippe De Jonckheere, has gradually evolved into a sprawling work where photos, videos and sound extracts cohabit with texts of various kinds: diary entries, literary creations, remakes and collages.

    At the antipodes of methodical research, the exploration of Désordre must follow the principles of drifting or random discovery of its fragments. Browsing through the site, one can see that the projects contain hyperlinks to other projects on the site, and so on. In other words, de Jonckheere proposes a complex universe whose delinearized mode of perception is closely linked to the medium that makes it possible, the hypertextual space of the web.

    One of Désordre’s main references is the work of Georges Perec, with whom de Jonckheere shares a passion for the infra-ordinary. In addition to remaking several of Perec’s works, de Jonckheere has a marked taste for the ordinary, the everyday, the trivial.


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