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    During the Symposium, ISEA2000 participants will be able to look at a CD-Rom and WWW-site selection in the Galerie of the Forum des images.

    Selected Websites  by: Angelique Anderson, Roca Antunez, Pat Badani, Jean-Pierre Balpe, Annette Barbier, Ricardo Barreto, Giselle Beiguelman, Paul Chan, Young-hae Chang, Jim Costanzo, Clay Debevoise, Dr. Hugo, Ollivier Dyens, Colette Gaiter, Ken Goldberg, Gabriela Golder, Valery Grancher, John Grech, Ursula Hentschlaeger, Ora Ito, Jecca, Ilia Johannson, Wolf Kahlen, Patrick Keller, Tamara Lai, Jeannette Lambert, Lise-Helene Larin, Lucia Lead, Paula Levine, Calin Man, Paul Marquardt, Elsa  Mazeau, Timothy Murray, Arghyro Paouri, Dominique Paul, Tania Malloa Ruiz Gutierrez, Bruno Samper, Manthos Santorineos, Antoine Schmitt, Stelarc, Brad Todd, Annette Weintraub, Maria Graciela Yeregui, Andre Zapp & Jody Zellen



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