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    The lowest common denominator of the entire EGOBOO.bits production is the GNU General Public Licence, also known as copyleft. Copyleft implies that all intellectual products (software, music, lyrics, ideas) published under the GNU General Public Licence have a common licence. Music, video, text or graphic design published under these terms on the EGOBOO.bits label can be freely distributed, used and modified by others as long as their derivatives remain under the same conditions.

    EGOBOO.bits brings together some of the most appreciated electronic music artists in Croatia. The music production is operated by the participating members and CDs are usually designed, burned and distributed by the artists themselves. CDs can also be downloaded from the EGOBOO.bits website, bartered or obtained directly at a minimum production price. Video production is also carried out by the members, and video clips are free to use and modify. The EGOBOO.bits collective hold various music, video and creative writing workshops and also promote open-source culture through lectures and live performances in Croatia, the Balkans and Europe.


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