Pan-o-matic: Divining the Borders of Cyberspace

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  • ©, , Divining the Borders of Cyberspace


    Divining the Borders of Cyberspace

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Artist Statement:

    What’s your personal efficiency strategy? Can electromagnetic fields actually enhance your time management skills? Why was the ButterMate invented? Pan-o-matic will provide an overview of their philosophy and history, their operation as a research enterprise, and how to harness creative energy through strategic personal efficiency device.

    Pan-o-matic is a cooperative centre for the research and development of PEDS Personal Efficiency Devices. We believe that it is possible to actually create effective, sustainable, user-friendly, non-discriminatory personal devices that can enhance any lifestyle choice regardless of race, creed, national origin and economic feasibility. Our facility near Niagara Falls, serves as our main hub, providing the resources for a diverse group of cultural workers to converge and explore the latest developments in 40 wireless communications, geospatial data macs, autonomous agents, nanobioscience, support teleconferencing and active neural linguistic networks. Team members rotate on a project basis and have included designers, gardeners, urban ethnologists, physicists, experimental egeographers, holistic practitioners and dowsers.

    At ISEA2004, Stephanie Rothenberg, Director of Marketing for Pan-o-matic, will unveil the prototype for a new personal efficiency device soon to be released to retailers worldwide. The device merges a formerly overlooked ancient practice with state of the art technology to provide the consumer with entirety new levels of functionality and convenience. Leveraging the body’s own electromagnetic fields. the device offers a truly wireless experience and has become the world’s first portable, self-powered device.


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