Eric Siu: Optical Handlers: eeyee

  • ©, Eric Siu, Optical Handlers: eeyee


    Optical Handlers: eeyee

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Optical device, wearable media, head mount display, mini-LCDs, cameras, electronics, goggles, gloves, celastic, paint, jumpsuit.

Artist Statement:

    As a device, Optical Handlers – eeyee consists of two parts: 1) the goggles and 2) the gloves. Within the goggles, are four viewable LCDs, which connected to four spy cameras (two as a pair) on the gloves, and both ends are in stereoscopic setting. User therefore perceives a doublestereoscopic vision, which directly mobilised by his/her own hands. The mobility of one’s vision becomes a literal and corporeal experience as you move through space. This double mobile realtime stereoscopic viewing device has a redundant reality that questions, ‘Aren’t we living in a 3D world already? Or are we?’ eeyee, facilitates a hyper entanglement exclusively for the users. It dissects embodied visual experience by challenging users’ perception and conception of viewing and space. Users have to manipulate their body and invent their ways to cope with their surroundings primitive down to making a step forward. Eventually, users will meet and interact with the public. Thus learn how to socialise and co-exist in this “hyper” active space. Optical Handlers provides experiential situation for users to play with their own body and to make fun and interact with people around them.

    eeyee has a set of identical LCDs that faces outward, which enables bystanders to see what the users are looking at as close as they want. eeyee essentially blinds the users as well as heightens their senses to create a tension between their followers and the place where it is played.