Eric Siu: Touchy

  • ©, Eric Siu, Touchy
  • ©, Eric Siu, Touchy



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Artist Statement:

    “I am a human camera. If you touch me, my shutters open and I take a photo!” Touchy is a wearable device that literally transforms a human being into a functioning camera. The wearer is deprived of sight until his/her skin is touched; this causes the shutters in front of the eyepieces to open, restoring the wearer’s vision, and when the physical contact is maintained for 10 seconds, the camera takes a ‘Touch-Snap’ which is displayed on the device’s LCD. Touchy is devised to encourage offline communication through touch, eye contact and photography (historically utilised to share valuable life memories and emotions). The Touch-Snaps remind us of the ephemeral richness of togetherness, and challenge the disembodying nature of social media, which dehumanises physical contact.
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