Etienne Saur: Cosmic Sliver for a Future Millennium

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    Cosmic Sliver for a Future Millennium

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    Musical Break

    Cosmic sliver for a future millennium is in fact constituted by two independent pieces of music, composed for the Festivals of Bourges de I’ IMEB in 1999 and 2000 within the framework of the calls(appeals) to the composers. The 1 piece is a musical «epitome» of what represents for me the 20″ century, with for subject the omnipresence of the waves and their implication in our daily world, the second is a «sonnerie» for the third millennium more abstract and more inquiring on the world in which we live / shall live, compared to the scientific and technological applications which one augurs at the moment and what brings to wonder us about the future of the man and our planet within the Cosmos.


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