Foundland Collective: Baby Come Home

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    Baby Come Home

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    Baby Come Home prompts a reflection on the multiple meanings of research in the digital age—whether informative, identity-based or memorial—and the phenomena of disappearance and blurring that accompany it. An eight-minute video piece, the artwork depicts a mother’s search for her radicalized son through discontinuous text-based conversations superimposed onto online search results. This quest is scripted and displayed on a computer desktop and is complemented by a minimalist soundtrack dominated by the flickering of computer keys and the sound of incoming and outgoing messages.

    Foundland Collective created this video for an exhibition in homage to Russian artist Olia Lialina’s pioneering work My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (MBCBFTW). This work, created in 1996, recounts the troubled thoughts and feelings of a woman whose soldier boyfriend has returned from the front. The form shows the erosion of dialogue and mutual understanding through the atomization of the interface. The adaptation that is Baby Come Home updates its purpose and form while remaining faithful to its approach.



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