Louise Drulhe: Critical Atlas of Internet

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    Critical Atlas of Internet

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    Series of online images

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    École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD)

Artist Statement:

    What does the internet look like? What place does the network occupy on our planet? Can its unfolding be mapped? These are the main questions of Critical Atlas of Internet, a research and graphical exploration project led by Louise Drulhe at the EnsAD. The work offers a series of textual and visual excerpts—a collection of aphorisms—indicative of the shifting perspectives induced by cyberculture and the encyclopedic pressure of the digital. Critical Atlas of Internet questions internet uses, organizing methods and data collection as well as the reflexive dimensions of the web.

    This atlas gathers a series of images (maps, diagrams, sketches, photos, drawings, 3D animations), responding to its primary function: to represent the space of the web, which is particularly resistant to being fully grasped by an egocentric subject. “On Earth, people move towards their centers of interest; on the internet, we are at the center and the space is created around us,” says the artist. In addition to its online presence, Critical Atlas of Internet is also accessible in book and poster form.


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