Francis Dhomont: Espace/Escape

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Artist Statement:

    “As soon as we become immobile, we are elsewhere: we dream in a vast world. Immensity is the movement of immobile man, immensity is one of the dynamic aspects of peaceful daydreaming”.
    -Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

    Open, intimate, confused spaces.                                                                                                                                                                  Broken spaces, whirling, indecisive edges of the space.
    Space-refuge, enclosed, maternal, space of reminiscence and associations.
    Tumult or murmur in the space of a thousand reflections:
    The flight engenders a vertigo of multiple elsewheres.
    Here… There…

    Attempted encounter of heterogenous elements related by two criteria: one is sonic and denotative (the place of sound in space), the other symbolic and connotative (referring to the theme of wandering), both alluding to movement. These criteria determine the form and are its cement. The multiplicity of materials embody the ideas of “space” and “mobility”. This work integrates into its structure active elements of spatialization which have a semantic value.

    To Jean-Francois, Denis and Claude Schryer. Espace/Escape was awarded a mention at the
    “Stockholm Electronic Arts Award 1992″ and selected by the 1991 International Computer Music
    Conference (ICMC) in Montreal.


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