“Audio Body Suit: A Second Skin” by Neila Justo

  • ©, Neila Justo, Audio Body Suit: A Second Skin


    Audio Body Suit: A Second Skin

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Leather, electronic components

Artist Statement:

    The use of electronic and mechanical technology in art is a relatively new process in my work. My interest has developed from the abundance of electrical/electronic products that are so infused in our everyday lives. To recontextualise these products and their components into an art arena, with the theatrical composition of a sculptural installation, I can then begin to examine their socialising/desocialising effects on their human environment.

    The cube/box form that I commonly use as a basic structure is always seen in relation to the scale of the human body. These boxes are much like very unsophisticated robots, with limited movement. By incorporating readymade electronic/mechanical devices as an aid to animate these box-like structures, the viewer can begin a dialogue between themselves and the `essentially’ inanimate object. The object never has much utilitarian function, if any. The sound component is always mechanised: recorded, computer voice text, or machine hum.
    The Audio Body Suit is a development of previous works dealing with the dialogue between humans and machines. I have brought the machine into a more intimate space with the body. The speakers become a prosthetic-like device to, ironically, transmit speech from within the human body. From the outset it fails as a functional device the body sounds merely mimic the true sounds (a digital process) — just as the ‘skin’ has undergone a process from its original owner.

Other Information:

    The artist wishes to thank Rhys Rees for his magnificent sound mastering and the gentlemen of Jaycar Electronics City Store for their continued assistance.


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