Frank Smith: Poetry does not exist

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    Poetry does not exist

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Artist Statement:

    In association with the Iannis Xenakis Centre of musical Creation Concert / improvised poetic live-electronics performance for tape and reciting. The presentation is a put in reflection of a collusion between poetic text voice art and the electro-acoustic contemporary music to reveal an otherwise nomadic and transactional Poetry.

    Conception and realization Gérard Pape, Frank Smith. Interpretation Frank Smith, narrator Gérard Pape, tape Brian  O’Reilly, live-electronics. Poetic text Frank Smith, sound engineering Brian O’Reilly. Production Célia Cukier/Upic.

    Centre de création musicale Iannis Xenakis benefits from the support of the ministry of culture and communication (Direction of music, dance, theater and spectacles).


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