George Legrady: Des Souvenirs Pleins les Poches

  • ©2000, George Legrady, Des Souvenirs Pleins les Poches

Artist Statement:

    Prototype of an Interactive Installation 

    An interactive installation, prototype of an installation to be presented in 2001 at the Galerie des enfants of the Centre Pompidou based on the integration of advanced computer methodologies such as cartographic algorithms (Self-Organizing Map, SOM) in order to explore the contribution of the audience to the museum situation. The audience creates the content of an archive by bringing familiar objects that are scanned. Once the data available, a dynamic cartography algorithm organize them on a bidimensional map according to descriptions proposed by their owners.

    With the collaboration of Dr. Timo Honkela, the Media-Lab of the University of Art and Design of Helsinki, and of C3, Center for Culture and Communication of Budapest and the help of the Fondation Langlois for the arts, medias and technology in Montreal. Thanks to the Galerie des enfants, Pompidou centre.