“An Anecdoted Archive From The Cold War” by George Legrady

  • ©, George Legrady, An Anecdoted Archive From The Cold War
  • ©, George Legrady, An Anecdoted Archive From The Cold War


    An Anecdoted Archive From The Cold War

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Artist Statement:

    An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War is an interactive computer media artwork installation project that features early 1950’s East European personal and official Communist material in the form of home movies, video footage of Eastern European places and events, objects, books, family documents, Socialist propaganda, money, sound recordings, news reports, identity cards, etc. These are part of my collection of things and stories related to the Cold War that I have gathered during the past 20 years. These items, in the form of over eighty stories, have been arranged thematically in eight rooms superimposed on the original floor plan of the former Workers’ Movement (Propaganda) museum in Budapest – (the original contents of which have been in permanent storage since 1990). The Anecdoted Archive reflects my particular history in relation to the Cold War. Born in Budapest in 1950 near the end of the Stalin era, I fled with my family to the West during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.