“A Deal, Saint & Face 2” by Goran Stojanovic

  • ©, Goran Stojanovic, A Deal, Saint & Face 2


    A Deal, Saint & Face 2

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Artist Statement:

    The idea is to create a photograph of a memory of the art around us, to photograph toward the inside of our mind. A picture or a painting never exists alone. It is always a part of a series of a higher wholeness. Each exists exposed to our memory for a period of time, and the impression of each creates a segment of the wholeness. When the wholeness is completed it becomes a memory and is left in the mind as a feeling.

    I take a painting, art, and I subject it to the 20th century grid of the TV tube. I force it into the archetype of a present in order to photograph it. I destroy the existing art by imposing one layer of it over the other again and again until the moment when I feel that they have become a self-existing wholeness. A layer can be a whole or a part of a work selected by mind in the process of observation of the art. And that is the picture of a memory of the art that has been stored in our mind.


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