“The Adoration of St. Sebastian” by Csaba Szamosy

  • ©1992, Csaba Szamosy, The Adoration of St. Sebastian


    The Adoration of St. Sebastian

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    Computer enhanced painting on canvas

Artist Statement:

    As in previous projects, I have been interested in drawing some parallel thoughts regarding depths of ‘physical’ ideas, within the area of computer generated art and related operational procedures as well as in terms of what I call “The Human Body Landscapes” (cells and cell structures) and the interactional relations between these systems. The majority of my works are centered around the concepts of art and technology, incorporating references to the human body, its cells and their structures. Moreover, the question of religion and its relevance within past and present times. Within the practice of fine art and in many other situations, it is these concepts that hold particular significant interest to our society of speed, mechanical and technological growth.

    The question of where do we belong and why is often asked, as theologies and scientific theories are not compatible, nor trying to be (perhaps due to the false pretences and ignorant attitude by the earlier?). The old, perceived ideas and accepted forms of expressions are no longer suited to the present day conditions, so trying to identify these concepts and relating them to the close proximity prove to be of concern, and usually come with serious (self) doubts rather than an investigative and explorative approach.

    Like most, my works are heavily reliant upon my own ‘personal’ experiences and symbolisms from past and present momentums of time, the images that hold significance for me. Within the above mentioned figurative appropriations that reach beyond the surface structure.to solidify these concepts, I work with the combinations of the above and electron-microscopic images of human body cells magnified up to 500,000 times.

    The Adoration of St. Sebastian is about our misconceived sentiments and emotions within our past and present beliefs.


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