Greg Lynn: Stereo Lithographic Models and Video

  • ©, Greg Lynn, Stereo Lithographic Models and Video
  • ©, Greg Lynn, Stereo Lithographic Models and Video
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    Stereo Lithographic Models and Video

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Artist Statement:

    The office of Greg Lynn FORM has recently been producing buildings by using animation software for their “automatic” design, rather than the more traditional architectural approach of VR simulations and CAD renderings. The cinematic special effects and animation industry has developed useful tools for investigating deformable surfaces and physical forces. In animation, a form is not just modeled using its internal parameters, but also by a mosaic of other fluctuating forces, including gravity, wind, turbulence, magnetism and swarms of moving particles. We can use these gradient fields as architectural analogies for pedestrian and automotive movement, environmental forces such as wind and sun, urban views and alignments, and intensities of use and occupation in time. The result of this interaction between a generalized organization and particular external constraints is a design process that has an undecidable outcome; which mandates an improvisational design attitude. This shift from determinism to directed indeterminacy is also central to the development of a dynamic design method which uses topological geometries that are capable of being bent, twisted, deformed and differentiated while maintaining their continuity. Greg Lynn FORM has been using stereo lithography for model building and this exhibition has several extremely small, extremely precise resin models built by computer controlled laser. The accompanying video demonstrates the use of animation software for modeling the forces that dynamically shape a building.


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