Tammy Knipp: Case Study #309

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    Case Study #309

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Artist Statement:

    This project can best be described as a computer aid video/kinetic-sculpture installation. The physical structure of the piece is made up of 2 separate units, identical in construction. Each unit consists of the following: 19″ video monitor encased in a 2’x 2’x 2′ wooden box suspended 2.5′ from the floor with the support of chains, video screen facing downward. Chains are attached overhead to a vertical wood metal construction measuring 4’w x 4’d x 11’h, simulated auto-mechanic creepers (the viewing vehicle) with attached computer driven electronic massage units The intended viewing perspective of each unit is from beneath. The participants are invited to lay backside-down on the creepers and roll under the suspended video monitors. Both units are assembled and fabricated in an identical fashion; however, each unit contains different video sequence correlating to a particular physical sensation created by the electronic motors. The motion depicted on the video corresponds to the rhythmic motion (e.g. massage devices). Both units are controlled by an electronic activated auxiliary devices utilizing time code.

    Through the use of mixed media, immediate perceptions are altered, thereby creating multi-sensory experiences. The installation subverts the traditional viewing perspective to a vulnerable (horizontal) position, while also blurring the line between two-dimensional time-based imagery and three-dimensional tactile experience. Both visual and audio elements of the video pieces are simultaneously experienced in the physical domain, thus challenging perceptions of reality through illusion.


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