“Hair Salon TV” by Nancy Paterson

  • ©, Nancy Paterson, Hair Salon TV


    Hair Salon TV

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    This installation is a multiple monitor video installation in which computer-controlled imagery is juxtaposed to reveal the diverse roles which women occupy within our high-tech culture. The chrome helmets of the three women’s hairstyling chairs are fitted with 11 inch color monitors. The imagery shown is taken from a variety of sources including broadcast television and original footage. Imagery is divided into three thematic areas: women and domestic technology – for housework, beauty and fashion; women and technology in the workplace; and the role of women in scientific research and technological development. Depending on the particular interval pattern selected by the computer, imagery may appear different (or the same) on all 3 monitors, or in various combinations of two the same and one different.  Juxtaposition of imagery demonstrates myth and ideology stretched to reveal the irony of women’s expectations of technological developments. Hair Salon TV counters the optimism and passive acceptance which women are expected to feel towards technology with the real impact is has had on their lives.