“Bicycle TV” by Nancy Paterson

  • ©, Nancy Paterson, Bicycle TV
  • Video still from YouTube


    Bicycle TV

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    The archetypal pattern of the maze or labyrinth is echoed in the design of the interactive videodisc world of Bicycle TV. Traditionally associated with spiritual initiation, growth and transformation, it is appropriate that the maze presented in Bicycle TV serves as a metaphor for the challenges and opportunities offered by new electronic technologies.

    Pornography and tourism are the most obvious applications of virtual reality systems, particularly when computer graphics based. Videodisc based systems such as Bicycle TV offer alternate realities and experiences without confining them to the level of arcade games or popular culture’s equivalent, the pseudo-realities of high budget amusement theme parks.

Additional Images:

  • 1992 Patterson Bicycle TV
  • Image from rhizome.org