Ian Andrews: Borgia Ginz

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    Borgia Ginz

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    Borgia Ginz is a techno dance music project of Ian Andrews who’s work In a Few Seconds Across the Ocean appears in the ISEA2004 exhibition at Kiasma in Helsinki. Borgia Ginz is one of the latest musical projects of Andrews who has been making electronic music since the early eighties. His previous projects include The Horse He’s Sick[experimental), Hypnoblob [Dub &Jungle) and Disco Stu (techno). Andrews is also a member of the The Sydney based anarcho-techno crew: Organarchy, previously Non Bossy Posse.
    A Borgia Ginz set ranges from deep mutoid house and electro-glam, through to machinic Detroit style techno. Andrews’ first Disco Stu album, Adult Themes, was released on Clan Analogue Recordings in 1999. Since then he has released 12″ EPs on the German Ghetto Charge label, on Frankfurt label Cyclotron, and his notorious An Englishman in Ibiza EP on Clan Analogue Recordings.


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