Natasha L. Barrett: Explorare Invisibilis

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    Explorare Invisibilis

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Artist Statement:

    Explorare Invisibilis is a 30-minute, continuously looped electro-acoustic work. It does not make use of any fashion or trend from electronica, techno or ambient music. It instead presents a landscape of three-dimensional energy, implication, sound, and silence. The great explorers travelled to the ‘unknown’, looking for treasures and new lands. Some of the greatest are rumoured to have merely described fictional adventures, travelling only in their imagination. In Explorare Invisibilis, the audience is submerged in spatial reality while the sounds evoke only thoughts of what is or could be ‘real’ through the use of the Latest ambisonics spatialisation technology. The listener is no Longer detached from the sound world projected through the loudspeakers, and instead can immediately embark on their sonic voyage. To complete the environment, lighting, texture and fleeting forms are projected from a synchronised DVD.

    Explorare Invisibilis uses second-order ambisonics decoded over 12 loudspeakers arranged spherically around the listener who is elevated into the centre of the array on an acoustically transparent platform.


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