Ian Clothier, Jean Biagini, Cris Benton, Susan Schwartzenberg, Peter Richards, Amy Balkin: Hidden Ecologies

  • ©, Cris Benton, Wayne Lanier, and Marina McDougall, Hidden Ecologies


    Hidden Ecologies

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Hidden Ecologies is a field experiment by architect Chris Benton, microbiologist Wayne Lanier and independent curator Marina McDor.rgall. Fusing views assembled through aerial kite photography with on-site micro-cinematography, Hidden Ecologies maps transitional salt- marsh geographies of the San Francisco Bay. Equipped with a mobile field laboratory of note- books, field microscopes, GPS devices and an array of photographic equipment, the team works in the field to record aspects of the local environment that lie beyond everyday percep- tion-local landscape features, the invisible composition of micro-communities, or forgotten cultural histories. Field research is joined with archival materials and cultural commentary on a website that is designed as a living organism, inviting annotations from within as well as outside the team.