Mohsen Emami-Nouri, Taraneh Hemami: Homes

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Artist Statement:

    Homes project enters the private world of Iranian families living in the Bay Area, creating physical and virtual spaces that narrate stories of their everyday lives through portraits of space, objects, and people. Audiences` interaction with the archives interconnects the stories of these individual homes.

    Homes is a project of CrossConnections residency at the Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts

    With special thanks to Farzad Naimi, Kayvan Alikhani, Ahmad Kiarostami, Amir Borna, Mehdi Mortezai, Nariman Riahi, Zohreh and Ghasem Malekmadani, Navid Ghaem-Maghami, Donna Schumacher and Shadi Yousefian for their contributions to the project.


    Thanks to The Christensen Fund for their continuous support of CrossConnections project and Litescape Technologies for sponsoring Homes project at the ISEA2006 symposium.


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