“If a system fails in a forest…” by Scott Brown, Carli Leimbach

  • ©, Scott Brown and Carli Leimbach, If a system fails in a forest…


    If a system fails in a forest…

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Artist Statement:

    Communication is mediated by complex systems. Both machinic and biological, it is through engagement with these systems that our lives are shaped: we perceive ourselves and experience our world through the lens of the system. But what do these ubiquitous systems look like? Can we communicate with them, and what do they have to say? Do they even exist without our presence? Interactive art explores these relationships through systems that require engagement to be realised, and increasingly blur the lines between author and viewer-turned-participant. If a system fails in a forest … addresses questions of communication, authorship and the temporal, emergent nature of art making in interactive media. 107 Projects is the vision of seven of the driving forces behind Knot Gallery, The Frequency Lab and Token Imagination. In collaboration with a community of dedicated creative practitioners, these collectives have been working together to produce arts events since 2001. From 2001–05 the groups operated an artist run space in Surry Hills renowned for its relaxed, welcoming environment. The space was one of the most active artist run venues in inner Sydney, presenting close to 500 events and home to a wide spectrum of music, performance, spoken word, poetry and visual arts. Moving to Redfern in 2012, the space at 107 Redfern Street is a place for creative practitioners to perform, exhibit, develop new works, hone their skills, engage in workshops and continue to grow professionally. 107 Projects is a non-profit association DGR registered charity.