Loren Kronemyer: MYRIAD (2012)

  • ©, Loren Kronemyer, MYRIAD (2012)
  • ©, Loren Kronemyer, MYRIAD (2012)
  • ©, Loren Kronemyer, MYRIAD (2012)


    MYRIAD (2012)

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Artist Statement:

    An artistic exploration of insect communication, framed by relationships of control and exchange. The body of work results from a year spent researching social insects within entomology labs with the aim of achieving a form of interspecies dialogue. Communication is approached here as a form of drawing, creating lines that reference both human writing and ant trails. The resulting images are living drawings that transform under the shifting influence of insect and human intelligence, taking on forms that are only briefly recognisable to either entity. By turns evocative, profound, and absurd, MYRIAD represents an attempt to cross evolutionary boundaries and create new forms of awareness between humans and the organisms we live intimately with. This project was created in collaboration with SymbioticA Lab, the Centre for Integrative Bee Research (CIBER) and BeeLab Sydney.  rubicana.info   vimeo.com/53761359


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