“I’m listening, heartbeating, handworking” by Jaffa Laam Lam

  • ©, Jaffa Laam Lam, I’m listening, heartbeating, handworking


    I’m listening, heartbeating, handworking

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Artist Statement:

    Material: Recycled pipes, recycled Umbrella fabric,retired men Collaborators: Hong Kong Woman Workers’ Association, local metalsmith, students.

    Location: Statue Square, Central HK

    I’m listening, heartbeating, handworking Accidentally, I found the pipes from the rooftop, I felt so sorry for them. They served us for many years but we tend to neglect them under the sun and typhoon. This umbilical cord-like pipe connect treasured water to different flats, however, most of the time, we don’t know our neighbours. We don’t care what happened next door. This work is mainly constructed by recycled pipes from the city, but they are indeed connecting people and they resonate from their vibrations. [source: jaffalam.com/human-vibrations-exhibition]



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