“Brain Wave Rider” by Keisuke Oki

  • ©, Keisuke Oki, Brain Wave Rider


    Brain Wave Rider

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    Interactive media

Artist Statement:

    The Digital Therapy Institute is a group of artists, musicians and scientists formed in 1991 to develop audio/visual softwares. Brain Wave Rider (BWR), developed by DTI, is a game machine directly controllable by the brain of the player.

    BWR detects the player’s brain waves [Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta] to change the speed or conditions of vehicle moving forward in the computer generated “landscape”. The most distinctive feature of BWR’s human machine interface is that it uses the brain wave as a trigger so that it can make physical change with our physical action. The player controls the computer’s graphic image, sound and vibration by practicing meditation or mental calculation, namely, by changing his/her brain wave.


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