“Inside Round” by Dinka Pignon

  • ©1996, , Inside Round


    Inside Round

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Creation Year:



    Video and Computer animation


    11:13 minutes

Artist Statement:

    Inside Round is about the mind, flabbergasted in the face of existential absurdity. Reflecting upon the outside ongoing life it is exposed to and being an isolated world of its own at the same time. We create the world we belong to. We belong to a world we did not create. Feet on the ground, head in the sky. Bustle all around us, stars out of reach above. A multimedia piece involving computer music and computer animation combined with prerecorded video. The picture and the music are equally significant. The relationship between them, which is complementary most of the time, is crucial to the piece – its expressivity and dynamics emerge from their interaction. The idea was to express the feeling of ‘existential loneliness and absurdity’, as a fundamental state of mind, by using extremely simple, elementary forms and gestures, which seemed appropriate for achieving that result. Inside Round is a contemplative piece and in a way could be even called minimalistic.


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