“Location Intersection” by Daria Dorosh, Jeep Johnson

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    Location Intersection

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Artist Statement:

    Location Intersection began as a document by Jeep Johnson of the show Between Water and Sand by Dana Dorosh that was on exhibit at the A.I.R. gallery in the spring of 1994. Initially the work was recorded to show a representation of Dana’s work. As we began the editing we soon became unsatisfied with the “traditional” approach of documentation. We began exploring how we could add another dimension to the material. We started to alter and digitally manipulate the images in MAC based computer programs such as Adobe After Affects and Adobe Premiere. We then edited the material in the MAC using the Media 100 system. The results were very exciting. We eagerly continued down that path and started to integrate related visuals like a series of sand dune shots, aerials over the midwest, and still photographs of cityscapes. We found that in the digital domain the computer was able to integrate every kind of image we wanted to works with. Quickly we were able to create what felt like an infinite amount of materials to draw from. We continued developing distinct treatments for each section. We took similar approaches with the sound track as we did with the picture. Recording sounds, inputting them into the computer and manipulating them in the digital domain. We discovered that similar to the images, the sound we could create and manipulate were endless. The computer facilitates the creation of a new space in reality. Unique juxtapositions emerge. We shot a gallery scene, removed the walls, and replaced them with an aerial image from the midwest. Time and location became the elements of a new language. The video reflects the integration of digital technology with traditional photography, video, painting and all other mediums. We are exploring this new language as we create it. The video was co-directed by Daria Dorosh and Jeep Johnson. It was shot and edited by Jeep Johnson with constant input from Daria Dorosh. The digital images were the result of intensive collaboration between both artist. The process flourished with a successful collaboration.



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