Josely Carvalho: Book of Roofs

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    Book of Roofs

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    Media installation

Artist Statement:

    BOOK OF ROOFS is a medialinstallation project that includes an interactive website and print/video/sound installations. The project’s foundation is built on the traditional colonial-style clay roof tile, basic in the construction of Brazilian dwellings. Beginning as a conceptual sculptural book art, it consisted of a video installation using a truckload of 3,000 clay roof tiles, arranged in repeating circular patterns upon which video images were continuously projected. The Internet is now the site of Book of Roofs. It is an interactive montage, organized through a database process to collect a non-linear narrative of historical associations, information of architectural roof structures, individual/collective memories and facts on our basic necessity of being sheltered, at a moment in history when the sense of home has been shifted by ethnic and religious wars, increased migration, the global economy and new virtual addresses. With no true beginning or ending, the website architecture of BOOK OF ROOFS simulates the continuous backbreaking labor of tile workers. The turtle, as an interface, guides the user in the construction of a cybernetic roof.


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