“Aguas Vivas” by Peter Bosch, Simone Simons

  • ©, Peter Bosch and Simone Simons, Aguas Vivas
  • ©, Peter Bosch and Simone Simons, Aguas Vivas
  • ©, Peter Bosch and Simone Simons, Aguas Vivas


    Aguas Vivas

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    The first version of this work dates back to 1996, and has been changed and expanded upon several times since then. Whereas most of our vibratory projects, such as the Krachtgever, are mechanical sound sculptures, “Aguas Vivas” is primarily invented to create dynamic, hypnotizing images. It consists of one steel container (50 x 35 x 25 ans), filled with black oil and mounted on metal springs. The reflections of a light-source on the vibrating oil-surface are captured with a video camera and projected on a wall by a video projection system. The images vary from orderly patterns to chaotic snatches, while the only sounds produced by the construction are the sloshing oil and some noise from an oscillating motor and springs. At the exhibition vdivisi (2001) in Hasselt, Belgium, we added electronically processed, amplified sound for the first time. The container, light source (a white neon cross), camera and microphones were located in one space. In an adjacent space, the video image was projected together with amplified, processed sounds that were captured from the moving container. At ISEA2002, we show a new set-up of two simultaneous sound-and-image projections. One projection is similar to that described above, the other shows still images captured in realtime from the ever changing visual landscapes, revealing an otherwise hidden world. This visual transfiguration is accompanied by live electronic music, appearing as a kind of “audio-stills”. The relatively static second layer forms a mesmerizing counterpoint to the energetic and hypnotizing effect of the other projection.


    With financial support from the embassy of the Netherlands, Tokyo, Gaudeamus Foundation, Amsterdam and the Instituto Valenciano de la Musica, Spain. Special thanks to Metronom Electronic Arts Studio, Barcelona.



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