Joseph Hyde: Songlines

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Artist Statement:

    1. lost for words
    2. found objects
    3. sea change

    Songlines is a ‘non-narrative’ narrative. Many texts were gathered, primarily folk myths from a diversity of cultures. These were laid in parallel to form a landscape through which a path might be laid. Points in common, archetypes such as emotional states, physical elements and structural signposts were used to build bridges between the sources to enable the path to travel as freely laterally as linearly.

    This path was used as common to the various strands of the project. The path could be travelled with music, dance, video or animation. These various journeys having been made, the original landscape and path were discarded, leaving Songlines as a trace, a structure with the
    ceremony and form of a narrative, but none of the content.

    Sound: Joseph Hyde
    Vision: Tamara Cater, Lorne Christie, Rosie Gunn, Joseph Hyde


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