Patrick Kosk: Distrak-Sillalla

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Artist Statement:

    The main purpose with the composition was to find a “compositional language” in relation to the sound materials, which in their acoustic profiles are a collection of more or less cultivated concrete sounds. For myself it was an effort to develop a coherent logic and to formulate some conclusive strata’s in the quite chosen way of linear thinking for configuring the compositional ideas.

    The acoustic character of the composition is based on three different sound environments:
    a) taped sounds from “natural objects” as shaking of dried leaves, going on tiny ice etc.
    b) sounds from equipment in an old cowshed and
    c) computer processed concrete sounds (swords and a mechanical kitchen whisk).

    Distrak – Sillalla is a commission from the Finnish radio and was first performed at the  Inventionen’92 festival in Berlin.


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