Karen Lancel, Hermen Maat: StalkShow

  • ©, Karen Anne Lancel and Hermen Maat, StalkShow



Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    A wearable, wireless interactive billboard is being carried through public spaces. StalkShow deals with the threat of insecurity and isolation. It invites the audience to participate and give this threat a personal face and space; to expose both its horror and its beauty.

    StalkShow takes place in public spaces such as railway stations, festivals, museums, squares, and airports. Karen Lance! carries an interactive billboard containing a laptop with a touch screen around these spaces. People are invited to touch the screen and to navigate through texts about the threat of insecurity and isolation.

    StalkShow texts originate from a collection of statements that Lancet has been collecting from the internet since 2000. The statements – “personal strategies for dealing with a social space” – have been written by people living in isolation, such as a prisoner, a nun, an asylum seeker, and a digi-persona.

    By navigating through the StalkShow texts, the audience is invited to generate their own montage of social strategies. With the aid of a webcam and wireless internet connection, live video portraits of members of the audience appear together with the statements on a large projection screen in the same public space. Projected, ‘watching’ faces, view the (watching] audience,

    Thanks to: Amsterdam Fund for the Art, Fund for Performance Art, [Nes]theaters Amsterdam, Foundation DasArts; and Mart van Bree, G. Heeg, Hermen Maat, Robert Steijn, Jason Wilson.