Steve Heimbecker: Pod: Wind Array Cascade Machine

  • ©2003, Steve Heimbecker, Pod: Wind Array Cascade Machine


    Pod: Wind Array Cascade Machine

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    POD (2003) is the first installation created for the Wind Array Cascade Machine (WACMI data network. POD is a 64 channel light installation, that uses nearly 3000 Light Emitting Diodes to portray a 4 dimensional portrait of the wave movement of the wind. The wind amplitude of each WACM tilt sensor is streamed to the individual LED pods 1 to 1, with each light cluster or pod resembling the amplitude meter of a audio mixing console. PODS also visually refers to the tali grass and grain of the Canadian prairies which inspired the project. The telematic data is produced by the 64 tilt sensors of the WACM system, situated outside, on the artist’ studio rooftop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This real time data is streamed over the Internet to the POD installation at Kiasma for the duration of the exhibition.