Kat O’Brien: Moving Forward Beyond Beijing

  • ©, Kat O’Brien, Moving Forward Beyond Beijing
  • ©, Kat O’Brien, Moving Forward Beyond Beijing


    Moving Forward Beyond Beijing

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Artist Statement:

    Moving Forward Beyond Beijing is a video collaboration by three artists who travelled together in China for four weeks in 1995, concluding with their participation in the United Nations’ 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, reportedly the largest gathering of women in history. Artists Liz Dodson, Kat O’Brien and Cecilia Sanchez-Duarte live in the USA, Canada and Mexico respectively. They were delegates of the Women’s Caucus for Art, unique as an arts organization granted non-government organization status by the U.N. to sponsor activities at the Beijing/Huairou conference. Dodson, O’Brien and Sanchez presented their work in exhibitions and panel discussions, demonstrating a variety of personal approaches and cultural perspectives through their usage of computers and video. Currently, the three artists are developing a video collaboration in which each will present a five-minute reflection on their shared activities during their month’s experience in China. They are also exhibiting individual video pieces and computer manipulated images in Beijing and Beyond, an exhibition originating at Lieberhouse Gallery in New York and traveling internationally for two years.


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