Lane Hall, Lisa Moline: Joyce Astronomia Series: Stand Against the Moon, Astronomia, Cosm

  • ©, Lane Hall and Lisa Moline, Joyce Astronomia Series: Stand Against the Moon, Astronomia, Cosm


    Joyce Astronomia Series: Stand Against the Moon, Astronomia, Cosm

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Laser print and color lithograph on book pages

Artist Statement:

    Lane Hall and Lisa Moline have created a collaborative series of prints entitled “Joyce Astronomia.” These prints are a complex combination of computer graphics and traditional printmaking media. Hall and Moline build small sculptural models to video digitize, and then use the computer to manipulate the digitized images, and combine them with text and other computer-generated elements. Hall and Moline then use laser printers and different colored toners to print these computer images on paper. Often the individual sheets of paper are laser-printed three or four times, to achieve an interesting layering and superimposition of colored toner. Then the prints are taken to the lithographic studio, where they are hand-printed in bright colors using hand-drawn images on lithographic stones. This combination of old and new technologies makes for unusual and compelling “computer art.” Lane Hall and Lisa Moline have been working with digital technology since 1987. They are intrigued by the computer’s powerful possibilities of image manipulation and have sought to combine that with the physical properties and qualities of traditional printings and prints (their scale, texture, materials, surface). They are committed to approaching digital technology with an inventive spirit, one which combines the “hot” or emotional realm of art with the “cold” realm of computers. They are also committed to exploring creative output solutions, unusual ways to liberate the computer image trapped inside the monitor.