Katharina Klemm, Gabriel Vanegas: Inner Pathways (Video essay)

  • ©, Katharina Klemm and Gabriel Vanegas, Inner Pathways (Video essay)


    Inner Pathways (Video essay)

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

Artist Statement:

    The mystery of the Nazca lines and the lines called “Ceques” at the Bolivian Plateua, lead us to explore different conceptual and aesthetical speculations of this technology lost in time. The Quechua concept of “Pacha” (Time and Space) was one of the worldviews that shaped this majestic artwork and it was created by lost civilizations before the indigenous communities that inhabit currently these areas. We had the opportunity to walk throughout several of these lines at the Sajama national park in Bolivia; collecting audiovisual material meanwhile commuting with the indigenous inhabitants of the area, who told us several fantastic stories hidden in these pilgrimage routes which connect several worlds. According to the inhabitants the civilization who built the lines, disappeared the day when the sun raised. These perfectly straight pathways can only be seen from satellites. Later on the lines were readapted by the Inca Empire to connect the entire South America. They were also related to their calendar; the movement of the stars; geomagnetisum and spiritual paths. They connected the mountains, springs and other sacred places where the gods lived and controlled the destiny of the inhabitants.