Laura Sofia Arango Palacio: CALLIS

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    Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

Artist Statement:

    That’s how the mass behavior analysis manifest: the days, the evenings and the nights connected amongst themselves showing a whole idea of the cultural coffee landscape with common sounds full of social chaos caused by these networks where time goes fast and showing how everyday passes by, full of lights and the independent beings inside their “own world”, but dependent on a network created with an identity of masses and informal fraternity. The ceremonial and ritual behaviors are, without a doubt, important elements that contribute to producing the “us”, which is the self-representation without which the group can’t exist. We must understand how the connections between the countryside and the city caused a complete transformation of these two, affecting their environment and changing the identities that made them different from each other…they unify and begin to understand the same language, their behaviors and the chaos itself. It’s the kind of self individuality of the metropolis that has sociological bases that defend around intensifications of the common stimulus of beings which comes from subtle and continuous changes on the reception of different types of impulses to maintain, internally or externally, mechanized for the appropriation of our environment.


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