“Khong Khro” by Matthew Mosher

  • ©2019, Matthew Mosher, Khong Khro


    Khong Khro

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Creation Year:



    LED display


    48in X 4in X 27in

Artist Statement:

    This artwork uses an EEG headset to provide luminescent biofeedback on a participant’s level of focus and stillness. It measures Beta waves, associated with attention, and Theta brainwaves, associated with drowsiness, and motion with an accelerometer [1,2]. This information is visualized on a custom reflected light LED display, and changes color and pattern based on a deterministic flocking algorithm, shown in the included image. Since each LED’s position is fixed, the flock does not progress through XY planer space but through RGB color space. After establishing baseline values, the participant’s Beta and Theta power influence the alignment and separation of the flock respectively. With high focus the color of the display becomes uniform and monochromatic as each LED tries to align its color with its neighbors. When distracted the colors separate as each LED tries to become unique in color.




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