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    ‘sPace, Navigable Music’ is an online project investigating the impact of IC technologies and particularly, 3D Real Time modeling languages (such as VRML) in the construct of space. According to the objectives of LAB[au] the project constitutes as much a space for theoretical research as a space of experimentation on the possibilities of space settings in shared processes in order to build up connectivity. In sPace, navigable music, the object or architecture is generated in real time according to the position and movements of the user (mix color, mix image, mix sound). Operating on structural parameters, the integration (recombination) of spatial (x, y, z), temporal (t-movements) sonic (frequency, pitch) and generative image sequencing functions, each interaction by the user, displacement, transforms this visual and sonic environment. In addition, the recording of movements allows users to produce a travelling according to camera movements, montage and image sequencing. The established relation between the spatial visual and sonic formalization processes and the editable interactivity of users lead to an experience combining architecture, music and cinematic techniques through movements patterns. The ‘Navigable Music’ thus constitutes a space, in which the user experiments cyberspace by dropping sounds into space, mixing music throughout space and navigation, record its movements to produce an animation, a travelling in its sonic space architecture, a kinetic music clip. The [sPace] performance is a collaboration between LAB[au] and the electronic musician [ERZATZ] who composes specific navigable music spaces. Based on the space, navigable music project ERZATZ explores the different forms of mixing music in and through and its related images sequencing in order to create an immersive sonic and visual environment. The composing of music through navigation in and the spatialization of music through the quadraphonic diffusion, thus constitutes a performative space covering a broad range from VJ-ing to recorded soundspaces to live navigation and live space mixing, Linking the digital space to the concrete one, mixed reality through vision and sound. The performance consists in the live set (60min.) of [ERZATZ] presenting the compositions and real time mixes in the space, NAVIGABLE MUSIC environment. The music set is conceived as an open-end performance, where [ERZATZ] mixes his music while the public can experience the ‘spaze’ compositions via headphones.


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