“Le Saint Game of Anouck Hilbey” by Anouck Hilbey

  • ©, Anouck Hilbey, Le Saint Game of Anouck Hilbey


    Le Saint Game of Anouck Hilbey

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Artist Statement:

    Performance, la Scène nationale d’Orléans

    Here is finally, the show of which you are the hero ! Inspired by the divinatory arts, video games or reality TV, this interactive show is a real story of humor around the question of healing and chance.

    Because in the great lottery of life, the year 2015 did not spare the health of the performer. Definitely marked by the healing process that she had to lead, Anouck Hilbey gave herself a mission for her return to the stage. That of giving back, to everyone, the feeling of control over the present.

    We therefore find her in the center of a minimalist white box dressed in lights, where each evening, the spectators take part in a “divinatory prophecy” shaped according to their choices or interventions, an ounce of chance and algorithmic devices. Each of the prints, out of the 22 possible, lets out an atmosphere as unreal as it is chimerical.

    In an aesthetic mixing fairground arts, freak show, new-age, cabaret, stand-up and cyber futuristic, the artist relies on her past as a transformist performer to embody the multiple avatars, similar to the cards of a tarot deck.


    Unicode Company (https://unicodetube.wordpress.com)
    Conception, writing, interpretation: Anouck Hilbey, ISEA2023 selected artist
    Dramaturgical collaboration: Élise Simonet
    Costumes: Johanna Rocard
    Lighting design, set design: Estelle Gautier
    Sound creation: Clément Edouard
    Tarology and thanatology advisor: Circé Deslandes
    Development of digital devices, video game: Labomedia
    Digital art advisor, divinatory interaction: Charles Hilbey
    Digital engineering, machine construction: Alessandro Vuillermin
    Video: Romain Evrard
    Stage management, sound: Yoann Keraudran
    Masks: Anouck Hilbey, Emilie Pouzet
    Set construction: Rodolphe Noret




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